All Things 2nd Grade

Ms Caruso's Class


Math is the name of the game for these 2nd Graders! Tens Go Fish, Close to 20, Math with Miss Caruso, and Chromebooks are just some of the math stations these kiddos are utilizing to get their numbers game on! 


Mrs. Pagan's Class

Students are working two programs on the Chrome books. The first program, XtraMath helps students become more fluent in their basic math facts. Students race against their own previous times to accurately answer addition and subtraction problems. The second program is a companion to our new math series called Zearn. Students are also working on becoming proficient with proper nouns by using the interactive Promethean board as well as playing a game where they need to identify the difference between common and proper nouns. 

Mrs. Elder's Class 



Mrs. Elder's class has been talking about the important jobs of scientists this week so today we put into practice our diagramming abilities. The kids learned about the ABCD's of diagramming - Is it accurate? Is is big? Is it colorful? and Does it have lots of details? These were all questions we asked throughout our lesson this afternoon and the sketched diagrams had amazing results! 

The students are also discovering the importance of knowing how to use scientists tools and practicing during class. The kids had a great time getting to learn different ways to gather data and what tools can be used to measure that data. Of course, the safety goggles spray activity was a favorite!

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