Volunteer Opportunities

Why volunteer?
Because there are countless ways to help at SLE during the school year!  Below is a sampling of key PTO volunteer programs, initiatives, and fundraisers. These programs are a great way to enrich the learning experience of our children, but we need your help in order to keep the programs going!

We have needs both big and small. For those of you looking to be involved in the small scale, we ALWAYS need lunchroom helpers and Flying Knight volunteers.


Lunchroom helpers are a necessity, especially for the younger grades!


Flying Knights is a get fit initiative we utilize for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders! 3 days a week the students who choose to participate spend their afternoon recess running the track and collecting rewards for the miles they clock. We need volunteers to hang out with the runners/walkers during recess time and help track their laps!


For the parents looking to be involved in the bigger stuff, the PTO is always in need of volunteers. We have Committee positions available ( March Madness are is in need of volunteers) as well as occassional needs (Back to school picnic, Fall Family Fun Night, Snow Shop, Book Fairs, etc). 



If you would like more information about volunteering with SLE, please email us for more information! We would love to talk to you!





Interested in becoming invovled with the SLE PTO? Maybe you don't want committee position but would love to find a way to just volunteer? Either way, we have a place for you!


Let us help you find your perfect fit!

Volunteer Coordinator